Hello and welcome!

The names we use in this blog (Rachel and Greg) are not our real names.

While some of the fiction we post is original (written by us) quite a lot of it is stories that we’ve found online and edited to fit us better. While we would like to link to the original versions of the stories we’ve changed, we’ve been editing them for one another for a long time now and have lost the links. If you are the original author of one of our stories, please let us know and we’ll gladly include a link to the original and give you credit for it. Mind you, many of the stories we’ve edited are hardly recognizable anymore after all the changes we’ve made.

Although what we’ll post in the “Adventures” and “Reflections” categories will be nothing but the truth, we prefer not to take the risk of being recognized right now 🙂

Our stories are not for everybody. We have some rather odd kinks that many people might find offensive. Please look at the tags for a story before you read it, otherwise any offense that you take is merely your own doing.

Who are we?

We’re an international couple living in Belgium. Rachel is 32 and Greg is 43.

We’re a very playful couple (and very much in love). Through discussing our fantasies since the beginning of our relationship and pushing one another to be more sexual we have discovered that many of our fantasies work very well with one another.

Rachel used to self-identify as a bit of a sub and at the most, as a switch. Recently she has felt the urge to be more and more dominant sexually. Greg has a lot of responsibility at work and in his daily life so he fantasizes all the time about being forced to submit to a dominant woman. This works well for us.

We started out as swingers but after a while we realized that Greg gets more pleasure out of watching Rachel be taken than when he plays with other men’s wives. We still enjoy swinging from time to time, mostly with friends.

Cuckolding and even swinging are not a lifestyle for us. They’re only a game. However, we’re both very excited by the thought of Greg helping Rachel find more and more lovers to fuck. Rachel likes that Greg will confess that he wants her to fuck whoever she wants, when she wants and where she wants.

Our relationship is more important than our games. We are very much in love with one another and neither of us is looking for a permanent addition to the relationship, just playmates. And the rules of the game are simple, Rachel craves cocks and Greg loves to serve her.

7 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. hey loves!
    so glad you joined the blog world! fun way to keep in touch, i really do love our friendship 🙂

  2. Great blog. I just came across it and will enjoy reading the backposts. 🙂

  3. Minou says:

    I finally found you guys! =) I can’t wait to explore more of your adventures. 😉

  4. lucderenal says:

    je suis heureux de découvrir votre site
    j’ai 28 ans et ma femme 35 ans très belle, elle m’a fait cocu et j’aime ça
    J’aime la voir baiser avec des groupes d’hommes

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