More cuckold-wedding day dreams

My opinion, if I want to be a good cuckold and to prove her my commitment, is that I should only be allowed to consummate our upcoming marriage only after she has been fucked by at least one random guy in the hotel, or even before arriving at the hotel, on our wedding night.

The marriage is a symbol. We embraced a cuckolding lifestyle, so, to in order to seal a cuckolding marriage, as a cuckold, I can’t be the first one to fuck her. It can’t be one of her regular lovers either because any of them owns her. As an authentic Hotwife, she should be choose a random guy to fuck her (or more than one, it’s not up to me at all) and only once I’ve cleaned and worshipped her correctly enough, maybe I’ll be allowed to make love to my new wife.

What do you think?

That’s how her pussy should be before I’m allowed to consummate our marriage

Just waiting, not even caring who will fuck her, as long as it’s not me

There will be too many “regular” friends and family present for me to take those vows publicly, unfortunately 🙂

About Belgian Cuckold

I'm a Belgian living with my American wife. We have a wonderful life together and try to inspire one another to be as horny and kinky as possible. Since meeting, we have discovered that our fetishes are perfectly in line with one another. She loves the excitement and variety that come with being a slut and I love the submission and humiliation that come with being a willing cuckold. It's a good arrangement. Both of us will post more in the "Reflections" category so you can know us better.

5 thoughts on “More cuckold-wedding day dreams

  1. sluttyamerican says:

    I guess we’re going to have to be very careful to keep family and friends out of our honeymoon hotel. Unless… hey! Can I add some of my old ‘men I wish I had a chance to fuck’ friends to our guest list?!

  2. Yes, if they pay for their trip 🙂
    But I’d like to read what you think about what I wrote.

  3. If both of you agree that another man have sex with your wife before you do on your honeymoon then I do not see an issue with it. With that said the one thing I see as a potential issue, cuckolding becoming the focus of the relationship whereby it prevents your new relationship from growing. However if the both of you can manage the cuckolding so that your relationship can develop then great.

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and hope it lasts a lifetime.

  4. Canadian Cuckoldress says:

    “Should” has no place in a true cuckold’s vocabulary when it comes to his wife’s or fiancee’s activities. Let her choose who and what she wants and how and when she wants it.

  5. lucderenal says:

    en cadeau de mariage j’ai offert 6 blacks Ă  ma femme pour la baiser toute la nuit de noce
    Ils l’ont baisĂ©e comme elle a voulu et lui ont rempli ses trous d’une grande quantitĂ© de spermes
    Elle a été très heureuse

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