This story was the result of a dare. Greg had written a story for me wherein he had used me as a slave for a day. In exchange for that story, I was required to write about what happened the next day, when I was the dominant one and he was the slave. Up until this point, I had no real experience with being the dominant partner so I took much of my inspiration from erotic stories that we’d read together and simply tried to include as many of his fetishes as possible, including ones that we might never be daring enough to truly experiment with in real life. I managed to get three chapters written before I ran out of steam. The fourth chapter was started but I ran out of ideas just a few paragraphs in. I have decided, however, that an incomplete story is better than no story at all. Enjoy! Continue reading

Creampie debauchery


My name is Greg, I’m writing this to kill some time until my wife gets back from wherever she is tonight. She doesn’t always tell me in advance about what she does when she’s out, or when I’m out for that matter, but she does seem to take great pleasure in sharing the details with me when she’s ready. Let me start at the beginning, so that you can understand how our relationship ended up in the erotic state that it’s in. Continue reading

Department store shame

I’m pretty sure my wife saw her first even though she immediately spun it around on me. It was nothing new, she would do things like that on occasion, tell me the sky was green and one plus one equals three, and I would believe it. I would merely pretend to agree at first of course, but before long whatever she said actually became true. My wife had this power, and I had this weakness and the two complimented each other perfectly.

“It’s okay to look, darling,” she allowed so I did. The girl was definitely her type, long legs petite, with red hair and sparkling emerald eyes. Her pink skin was sparsely sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. The only thing my wife liked better than a pretty girl was a large good looking guy, and I don’t mean large in body stature alone. Continue reading